So often I see actors “polishing their stone.” They polish them in auditions, in class on stages and soundstages. They cherish that stone so much. But they have to remember that the stone, just like the craft, they are polishing so beautifully has to be skipped across the water, thrown away to see where it’ll land and not worry about the stone itself but the act of throwing.

I flew back from New York recently and as I was standing in an extremely long line to board, looking at all the people ever so slightly tensing before boarding, I couldn’t help but see how much like acting the act of flying is. We understand the mechanics and safety of flying, understand that your chances of falling out of the sky are 100,000,000 to 1, understand all that goes into commercial aviation, understand that there is a clear path to our destination. And yet some of us still white knuckle it for 2500 miles. Then you look across the aisle and see the guy sawing logs from takeoff to touchdown. Like flying, we need to give over control and let another pilot do the flying; one that’s much more capable: our unconscious. We need to start embracing the joy of flying and the fact that 99,999,999 times we are going to succeed and stop focusing on the one time we fail. My methodology will guide you toward enjoying a nice nap during the long flight.